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Keep Calm and Play Cello, Cello Instruction, Trilla Ray-Carter
Trilla Ray-Carter, Baroque cello, Monty Carter, Baroque violin, Kansas City Baroque Consortium, Our Lady Of Sorrows
Kauffmann Center for the Performing Arts, Carray Music, Kansas City Baroque Consortium
Carray Music, Wedding, Kansas City Central Library, Wedding Day Murder
Monty Carter, Trilla Ray-Carter, H Center for the Performing Arts
Trilla Ray-Carter, cello, music contractor, manager, Helzberg Hall, Kauffmann Center for the Performing Arts, Kansas City
Monty Carter, conductor, violin and viola, funnyman,
Trilla Ray-Carter, Monty Carter, Carray Music, goofing around

Momentous music-making

In good hands

A wedding in the beautiful downtown

KC Public Library. (But EEPS! Look at the book we found a few feet away!)

Going for Baroque

We love the Kauffman!

Leave it to Trilla ...

"Staccato passages to conduct ...

Better rosin up!"

Cat, Kitty, Music, Library, Carray Music

Ruthie, our

Carrāy Music


Um ... 'Better stick with what we know.

Beautiful music together

Surfing, frog, violin

Studio events galore!

Monty Carter, violin, viola, instruction, rubber chicken, mascot

Lessons & shenanigans

Kansas City Baroque Consortium, Handel'sMessiah, Ryan Board conductor, Trilla Ray-Carter

Action shot

Monty Carter, violin, viola, Trilla Ray-Carter, cello, Wedding Music, Carray Music Services

We look forward to having you over!

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